A dig into private cab services available in India!

Posted by admin on October 15, 2016

In the present world of inflation and growing prices, owing and maintaining a car is both expensive and effort needing task. If you happen to use your private vehicle for daily commuting, the amount of money you will end up paying on fuel is actually way too large. For people who look at public transport as the only means of travel, coming up of taxi and cab services in India has made a lot easier.

With come and drop door facility, these cabs seen extremely handy when you don’t have any other alternative of public transport. Uber is one such private cab company in India that provides taxi service on referral basis. Working through a mobile application, the process for booking a cab is very easy and hassle free for users. The application works on the basis of GPS facilities that come prebuilt in smartphones in order to locate the current and destination location.

A look into range of Uber approved cars

In addition to providing the basic cab services, it also provides diverse options for people who are looking for a more comfortable and luxurious options. Uber Black, Uber XL and Uber SUV are a range of uber approved cars that come with a diverse option.

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Among all these varieties, Uber XL is one of the most inexpensive option that was launched just after the coming up of UberX’s range. For people who are looking for a larger space or a better riding experience, Uber XL is the right option to consider. Ford Flex, Sabrau Tribeca, Durango Dodge, Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia are some prominent cars that fall in the range of UberXL range.Kia Sorrento

The passenger limit for these cars is 6 with the age restriction on driver to be at least 21.Although uber car requirements vary from city to city but some general age and passenger restrictions are same. The drivers are subjected to clear a driving competency test are asked to possess a mandate driving licence as well.Uber XL comes with the facility of fully functional seatbelts for both passengers as well as drivers. The cost of Uber XL is slightly more as compared to other models like Uber X and Uber Select but the comfort and experience that it provides is definitely worth all the money you end up paying. Hence, Uber XL with its amazing features and affordable cost seems a promising option for people who are looking for a comfortable and spacious vehicle for their travel.


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