A new product for the music lovers from the company of Panasonic

Posted by admin on August 17, 2015

Are you a music lover? Then you must like to listen to music whenever and whatever may be the time of the day. Whether you are in the bedroom or in the Kitchen or in the drawing room, the music must be always with you to make you happy and gay. And to accompany you the wireless speakers plays a very vital role in playing the music in anywhere you want to. And keeping in mind your necessity Panasonic has launched the new series of the speakers by which you are able to live in the world of music even in your home.


The speakers which help you to hear music everywhere in your house

The wireless speakers of the Panasonic are a multi room speaker which can be easily integrated with any type of equipment for the audio purpose. These ALL series network, as being named, can upgrade the current hi-fi into multi room control. The platform on which it is being based is the Qualcomm Allplay smart media platform. And this ensures that you can use any Allplay items with any other products and it will not be an issue. Thus it is a great launch for the music lovers. And now if any user is getting concern about using it then it must be said that it is very easy and convenient.

Installation, settings, and models- all are in convenient side

The installations of the wireless speakers are done very quickly and there is separate setting for playing the music. It is being installed with the existing Wi-Fi network and if you have installed at least one speaker then you can keep adding more speakers as per your requirement. They can be set to party mode where a particular music is being streamlined and is played through all the speakers in the similar manner. And if set in multi zone then specific music can be streamed for specific zones. And this magical work can be done by the Panasonic music streaming app.

And keeping in mind the well furnished rooms, Panasonic has brought the product in the market which is quite stylish and also looks great with your well decorated interior. They can be either put vertically or horizontally and has oval edges all around giving a smooth look for the speakers. The sound quality is very much noticeable which can give some good quality sound turning music into a great music. The quality of sound is not very sharp yet very powerful to fill the room.

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