All You Should Know About HCG Diet

Posted by admin on December 3, 2014

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is used in medical treatments for a variety of purposes. HCG is used chiefly in treatments of infertility problems in both men and women. Recently, it is also being used for the purpose of weight loss. The weight loss diet that includes hcg requires the dieter to be on a extremely low calorie diet for a period of time. This diet also touted as the hcg diet combines this extreme dieting with regular intake of measured doses of hcg. HCG in most countries is a prescription drug and you will need a valid prescription from your physician to obtain the drug. There are few over the counter forms of hcg which are manufactured solely for the purpose of weight loss treatments. You should remember that these are not FDA approved drugs. The drugs are available in different forms like drops, injections and diet pills. It has been long used to treat infertility in both males and females. It was in the 1950s when a British endocrinologist documented his findings about the effect of hcg in weight loss. He combined small and regular doses of hcg to his obese patients and combined it with a very low calorie diet. He believed that hcg will suppress the appetite and hence reduce the hunger cravings making even a 500 calorie diet sufficient.

Popularity of hcg

This diet has revived in popularity recently and there is a huge surge of hcg products and diet pills all around the world. The popularity of the diet can be attributed to its featuring in the Dr.Oz show and also the positive results shown by some popular models and actresses. The diet still mostly follows the regiment maintained by Dr.Simeons almost six decades back. Regular doses of hcg combined with an ultra low calorie diet is prescribed by some for weight loss. This is one of the extreme diets as 500 calories per day is much below the daily recommended calorie intake for adults.
There are no strict rules on how the daily 500 calories should be taken. It is advised that you use up the calories wisely so that you are not affected with malnutrition. Carbs, fat, sugar and dairy products are not recommended for this diet. Instead, you can fill up the 500 calories by having small portions of lean meat for protein. When you are on hcg diet, you might be required to compensate for the unbalanced diet by taking supplements of minerals and vitamins in addition to the hcg drugs. Your physician is the best person to let you know what you will need additionally so that you can continue your routine work without feeling down through the day. The diet can continue for a number of days depending on your individual requirements and preferences. Generally, you might be recommended to go on the hcg diet for 3 weeks or 6 weeks. But when you have continued on the diet for 6 weeks, you are required to take a break from the diet. All things should be done only with an advice from a doctor.

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