Amazing drawing tips for artists

Posted by admin on February 21, 2018

No matter how much you excel as an artist you will still need some tips to improve your drawing skills. Browse online drawing here only at These amazing tips will surely add magic to your drawings.

1. Make use of powerful resources -: photography and drawing both are very closely related. You must gather some photos of the prospects whom you want to draw from different Angeles. This will serve as resources when you start drawing. Although you can draw from a basic line and you know how a lion looks but to capture the exact posture of a lion live pictures of the animal are helpful.

2. Try to use the full range of colors — Full range value of a color is the darkness or lightness of the color. Light has a different effect on different colors and the same object may look different when illuminated or when kept in dark. Having an understanding of shadows is also important while painting. All this can be learned from observation. Do not use flat colors and give proper shading to give a lively 3 d effect to any object or live entity that you are drawing in your portrait.

3. Stroke and line quality — in a drawing the line and stroke quality matters a lot. If you are drawing with confident then your lines will be firm and straight but if you are not confident then your hands may shake and your strokes become broken or imperfect. Drawing bold and dark limes is a way to show your confidence and expertise in the drawing.

4. Remain consistent throughout your painting — Remain consistent throughout the painting by using the same style. If you are drawing a loose and gestural painting then continue with that, if you are trying tight and precise style then continues that way. Do not mix it together and keep all the elements of the starting harmonious.

5. Practice a lot — practice a lot whenever you get a chance. You need not have a proper canvas or colors or environment for it. Whenever you are in a mood to draw just express your feelings.

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