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E liquids which are the fuel for your e cigarettes should always buy with lot of care. You should have the following things in mind before you buy them.

REPUTED DEALER – There are a variety of companies and brands that are producing e liquids these days. Decoded e-liquid may be nicotine free or may contain certain percentages of nicotine in them. Always buy them from a reputed shop or dealer. The premium quality ones are only safe as they are produced naturally and under good conditions. Other local and regular brands may use some products which are totally unsafe. Some brands use products like Acetoin and Diacetyl which may give a buttery flavor but also hazardous when inhaled. It’s a good idea to check the label before buying.

STRENGTH OF NICOTINE– if you are person who prefers the stimulating effect nicotine provides and that sensation is the first thing you may look for when puffing a cigarette, then you may prefer e liquids with nicotine in them. There are juices available for e cigarettes which have ranges of nicotine strength. They may be none with no nicotine at all, extra light with about 8% nicotine, light having 12%, regular having 18% and high containing 24% of nicotine. This range can be chosen depending on how much regular cigarettes you consume in a day.

FLAVORS ARE AVAILABLE– when you set out to buy e liquids for your e cigarettes, you will be surprised to find out that there are various flavors available in the market. There is an option for every taste bud. From mild menthol flavors, mint and leafy flavors, fruit based and cherry flavors, there is everything one can think of. Also a mixture and blend of one or two flavors and be made to create exciting flavors.  Also the cartridges that are used for filling these liquids are available in various sizes.decoded e-liquid40 decoded e-liquid39

PRICE- There are various stores that have various flavors and brands of e liquids. When you decide a shop from where you want to buy these juices for your e cigarettes, you have to ask the dealer for a good price. Before buying you can check out a few shops to see what price the other dealers are offering. After getting a good idea about the price and variety various dealers are offering, you can make a purchase by bargaining for a good price. If you are buying online check for the delivery charges; if they are included or not. Also buying in bulk saves money but when you are not sure of the amount required, start with small doses.

SMALL QUANTIES AT THE BEGINNING– If you are new to e liquids and do not know how much you would use, it is always to buy in small quintiles rather than in bulk. Once you get an idea about the amount you use, then you can purchase in bulk which will be economical. These liquids are available in standard sizes of 30ml bottles with difference in nicotine percentages.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS– When you plan to buy from a specific company, go through all the details about that company. Make sure they have the item available or you will have to wait to get your product. Also you can check for customer reviews and feedback about the company.


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