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Posted by admin on July 18, 2016

Pokemon go is an amazing 3d game which has launched July 2016. But this unique game has already got millions of users. You can play Pokemon Go on any IOS or Android platform. This game is based on the catching Pokemon in real life. As you will be playing this game on the real platform, you can easily connect with your friends and hunt Pokemon. If you know all the Pokemon go hacks; then you can easily win the game. You just need to sign up with your Google account to start playing Pokemon go. You can check to get more information about the Pokemon Go.


Pokemon go hacks which help you to win:

  • If you want to make your game more exciting, then you can hunt Pokemon with your friends making pairs. Especially at night, you must hunt for Pokemon with your friend.
  • The game is designed to catch Pokemon when you are planning to catch lots of Pokemon you can check crowded areas such as parks, malls, and spots. You can walk around the whole city and catch Pokemon. The best place where you will get Pokemon is Pokemon stop and you should visit Pokemon stops many times a day.
  • When you are throwing Pokeballs at Pokemon, but unable to catch, you can take your Pokeball back, if you respond quickly. Before it disappears, you need to pick it up fast, and you can easily save Pokeballs.
  • When you do more physical exercises, the chances of hatching your eggs early increases. You should do lots of exercises to make your egg hatched early.
  • You should always follow maps to find the Pokemon location. Until you reach to your next Pokemon stop, you can search other stops which might help you.
  • If you want to attract Pokemon easily, then you must try to allure Pokemon with different techniques which will help you to differentiate from the duplicate Pokemon and help you to get the real one.
  • Pokemon Go can drain your battery, but you can easily turn the battery saver mode which will help you to save phone battery.
  • You can find different types Pokemon. You must collect all these Pokemon. Ghost types of Pokemon come out only at night so must try different places and time zones to hunt varieties of

You must try these Pokemon go hacks and more available at and you can easily bypass tough levels.

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