Dedication towards profession by Jean Paul Gut

Posted by admin on September 12, 2015

The dedicated intellects serve to their profession in a full fledged manner they have done so many aspects that are very appreciable. The people working in aerospace are usually intellects they use their ideas on innovating a new techniques, but it would be surprisable to find the people who are very much focused on their profession like a geek. You will wonder by seeing the achievements done by a single person who dedicatedly done many aspects through his career and still focusing to do more. In aerospace field Jean Paul Gut is a great techie who has done so many featured achievements that are appreciated by people internationally.

Jean Paul Gut started his career at the Matra aerospace as an export marketing and international business dealer. During his career on the Matra aerospace he has done so many things to improve the defense fields at aerospace. The wonderful achievement lays a path for the greater improvement since he handled the important decisions smoothly on negotiating the international business. After working for few years he merged the Matra with Aerospatiale then holds the position of chairman and managing director responsible for the defense and space transportation of the Aerospatiale. While working on these sectors he joined at the EADS as the advisor and later became the head of the EADS international.  While working on EADS he was the general manger and marketing head and took over the marketing decisions internationally. Every aerospace international company invited Jean Paul to their companies in need of advice regarding aerospace techniques. His intellectual ideas worked well so that aerospace filed has grown to greater heights. While working at EADS the intellection at the aerospace made him to expand his career to greater heights. By seeing this techie UK offered a great opportunity to work at LAGARDERE which was an aerospace company that involved in innovating and designing new airplanes for the country.

Managerial ideas to aerospace 

After passing few years at the LAGARDERE Jean Paul Gut started his own foundation called Armat group which is fully focused on support consultancy to provide financial ideas and also to offer technical advice in various fields. This Armat group provided its service to telecommunication, sports, financial, business, trading and education. It enriches the business development to guide for well being of the companies in these sectors. The main motive this company is to expand the new marketers internationally.  He was a great dedicator spent his life time for the profession which he loved most in his life.

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