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Posted by admin on May 14, 2016

Shailendra Singh is managing director at Sequoia Capital and he step up to rise and fall of major firms at time of the decade for the long tenure at India arm of world inverse the firms. However, there are number of the leading investment company across the southeast and India in companies such as GO-Jek, Free charge, Tokopedia. He is consider as one of the top go guys for starting the major business… additional he gave major support and tips to inverse money on the major region for the whole entrepreneurs. In the years 2016, he talks at Tech in Asia Singapore to David Corbin who is director of the content status at Tech in Asia. He talks about the qualities, which make him to excite the great founder of the companies. . His main job is to build firms alongside of the founder and she worked as founder. He has done such job up to 10 years which step up to play the major role on creating the Sequia portfolio and then he obtain the VC success story among the major investors need.


Then he work on major top most categories such community, founder of stories and much more and he has lot of experience to provide the major effective investment tips which support meet the positive result on a beach steps. Then Shailendra Singh provides the service to the wide range of top most companies, which make him more visible among the people in the different part of the world. He provides major investing process over the sensory which step up to meet better result with no risk. Even he has weekly meeting with office in the Bay area, which clearly explained to the major investor in an effective manner. The he trust and had believe of mindset which support to the major region of leader to make call base on their expertise. Then he maintain database which ready provide the great support for the customer to invest the money on exact field to obtain the great result. His conduct major e vents such Tech in Asia Bangalore 2016 and other more place so most of the investor obtain the better result on each investment on major filed.  Then he linked with the  major  social  media   network   which  give hand to  obtain  great  result   on  sport.  Even he ready to guide to  invest  money    on the wide  field   make more  profit.

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