Importance Of Education

Posted by Dorothy on December 3, 2014

Education is most significant for every people. Without proper education it is hard for people to have a perfect life in this fast world. Now there is lot of improvement in every field people who have education can sustain a good life. It is very tough for uneducated people to come up with the fast world. There are various stages of education and it is the duty of every individual to complete at least their basic education. When the child attain a certain age it is most important to join in schools. First they need to complete their kinder garment course at the age or 4 to 5 and after that they need to complete their primary and next stage is the matriculation and higher secondary and finally they need to enter in a college or universities.

gradeTeacher plays a major role in education. It is the duty of teacher to thought important things to students. Most of the children are spending their half of the day in school so it is more important for school to appoint a good teacher who can give a good guidance for the students. For performing as teacher they must complete the degree and they need to finish the teacher training course. Individuals who complete a teacher training course will eligible to become a teacher. For teacher post there are different forms of degree. Teachers who are taking classes for pre primary want to complete the Montessori course. And teachers who are taking classes for primary students need to complete a degree with teacher training course. And teacher who is in charge for higher classes need to finish double degree with teacher training course.

Role Of Teacher In A Class

Teacher will be responsible for the character and behavior of students. Little children will follow the attitude of their teacher so a good teacher can guide the children’s in a good manner. Teachers will teach each and everything for students from science, arts, history, and agriculture and so on. Not only studies the education teaches the sports habit for the students. Individuals who are in school need to perform both in curricular and co curricular activities. Education trains students in every field. In school they have teacher for every department like dance and singing and sports and in many schools they are teaching karate for students.

Students who become big artist in their future are they take guidance from their teacher. The teacher will always monitor the student’s activities and give special attention to the students who are weak in some field. Teacher will always maintain a good relation with the student which helps them to share all the problems with their teacher. If teacher behaves in a friendly manner with the students it helps them to study well in the subject. Thus it is in the hand of teacher to gives a proper education to the student. In schools there are different categories of teachers like the principal who is head of school and Vice principal who assist principal in his work and head mistress who will take care of primary children.

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