Important facts that you need to Know about donating Sperm at Sperm bank

Posted by admin on April 24, 2017

We all know that in today’s time the importance of sperm banking has gained as one of the finest way to get babies. Of course, for people who wishes to plan for the future and want to not take their fertility life at risk generally donate or store their sperms at the bank but here are some important things that you need to know about the donating or storage part.

Comparing Fertility with the speed of light:

The sperms of humans can travel at the speed of 4 millimetres per minute but they can also be as slow as 1 millimetre per minute. Remember the average length of the journey which the sperm covers to the fallopian tubes is 175 millimetres. This means it can hit the target in 45 minutes but yes in practical situation, the journey usually takes place up to 3 days.

Sperms don’t have specific direction:

There is no sense of direction that sperms have because of which it takes long for them to find an egg. There are some signatures that are chemical based which are released by the egg that works as the guide for the sperm. It is only 1 of the 5 sperms that swims in the right direction once the ejaculation process is done.

The biological age does matter:

It is the men who have to take extra precaution as the biological alarm does tick for men as compared to the women. As compared to women the age affects the man a lot more early and due to which the quality of and quality of the sperm gets affected to a great extent. That is why; it is advised to done in the sperm bank in Navi Mumbai at the right age to make your chances of fertility high.

Most of the sperm banks are of the view that the age does have a role as far as sperm donation is concerned. Say for example most of them have gone on to set the cap at 18 years and the upper age limit at 40 years, though it can be extended in case of some reasons. What is really a matter of surprise is that sperm of old people is not accepted even if the chances of pregnancy is high

There is no reverse direction:

Many people still wonder if sperms go in any direction, it means it can go in reverse direction as well. But the fact is sperm swims only in forward direction and never goes in the reverse side at all.

Do not ignore size:

This is another crucial thing you need to keep in mind and that is why; speak with your doctor on the same. The sperm can be effective if it is about 1.1m. As compared to any other mammals present on the earth it is the humans that have the smallest sperm cells which measures around 40 microns whereas even rat can produce the sperm at 170 microns.

Beyond this, your health care expert will be the best person to tell you on what the important precautions to be followed are and how you can increase the fertile rate option. You are advised to educate yourself about the same before you approach any of the reputable sperm bank Navi Mumbai based.


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