Know About Knee Replacement Surgery: The ins and outs

Posted by admin on April 21, 2017

Knee replacement or knee arthroplasty is a surgical procedure in which the damaged joints of the knee are replaced with plastic or metal parts. Patients who have suffered injury or arthritis generally undergo knee replacement surgery. Injury and Arthritis disable patients and prevent them from performing the daily activities of life. The general knee movement is prevented due to injury, inflammation, damage, or pain.  Most of the patients who undergo knee replacement surgery suffer from osteoarthritis.

The surgery:

Knee replacement surgery is a boon for those who suffer from severe knee problems. Knee replacement surgery reduces pain, improves knee mobility and improves the quality of life. A patient who was unable to perform the daily life affairs starts reliving life. It brings a patient to normal life again. Knee replacement surgery works like a miracle, and according to orthopaedic surgeons, it cures 90% of the arthritis patients.

The various types of knee replacement surgery are a total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, minimally invasive knee replacement, revision knee replacement, bilateral knee replacement and computer-assisted surgery. Depending upon the type of problem the orthopaedic decides the type of surgery that needs to be performed.

The treatment:

Patients must follow certain rules post knee replacement surgery. One day after the surgery, a physiotherapist attends the patient and teaches him some basic leg and knee exercises. A patient will have to exercise physical therapy once or twice a day during his hospital stay. Special care is also taken in order to prevent swelling and blood clots. Special kinds of braces, elastic stockings and anti-coagulant serve the purpose.

Patients who undergo a knee replacement surgery take approximately 4 weeks to recover. Active sports activity, lifting heavy objects or any activity involving pressure on the limbs or knees is not recommended. After the surgery, a routine check-up with the orthopaedic surgeon is vital.

Knee replacement surgery involves certain risks, and the cost of knee replacement surgery in India varies from one hospital to another. They include infection, loosening, blood clotting, stiffness, and osteolysis.

Knee replacement surgery is an expensive procedure. However, the knee replacement cost in India is less expensive than that of USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The cost for total knee replacement surgery in any private standard hospital in India ranges from 3 -5 lakh rupees.

There are some well-known knee replacement surgery hospitals in India. They have well-trained doctors who can guide the patients thoroughly about his medical condition, treatment and the best options that can help the condition of the patient. They have expert doctors who possess vast experience of the field. These hospitals have world class facilities and sophisticated technologies. They are highly sophisticated and patient friendly. They also have a comfortable infrastructure with national and international accreditations and certification.

So, if you are suffering from any knee problem, consult your orthopaedic surgeon and take the necessary precaution before it is too late. Not all knee problems require replacement, and only a doctor can guide you in the best possible manner.


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