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Posted by admin on October 6, 2015

The acoustic guitars form a several notable subcategories within the acoustic guitar groups called as  classical and flamenco guitars with steel string guitars, which include the flat-topped or folk guitar made of twelve string guitar and the arched-top type of guitar. The acoustic type guitar are group also includes the unamplified guitars designed to play in a different registers such as the acoustic bass guitar instrument in which has a similar tuning to that of the electric bass type of guitar.

Here the martin backpacker guitar is the newer version and was made around the years of 2004 to 2005 in the US. It has a well hand finished spruce at the top and solid tone wood at the back sides and neck portion of the guitar. Martin has sacrificed a large number of frets for the size of frets so it is the only has 15 frets. It has the small pegged chrome tuners with which are very sensitive when tuning and make the guitar instrument slightly headstock heavy while using.


Construction Of A Guitar

The wood used for the top of the guitar is a cut from a lumber using a process called book matching. Book matching is a method that processed by which a single piece of wood is sliced into two sheets of each of the same length and width as the original but only half as thickness is used. The two sheets are very perfectly matched to ensure continuity in the grains and glued together. Once dry the newly joined boards are sanded to the proper thickness to make the instrument.

They are very closely inspected for the quality and then they graded according to the color, closeness and regularity of grain, and lack of blemishes of the instrument. The wood braces are just next glued to the underside of the top piece of the instrument. Strutting with this as this process is often called serves two purposes brace the wood against the pull of the strings and control the way to the top vibrates automatically. An area of the guitar construction that differs from company to company in that has the strutting has a great effect on the guitar’s tone as well.

The back side is although not as acoustically important as the top of the instrument is still critical to the guitar’s sound. A reflector is used to the sound waves the back is also braced with the instrument but its strips of the wood run parallel from the left to the right side with one cross grained strip running down towards the length of the back’s glue joint of the guitar.

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