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We meet many people in our lives with different mentalities and also different personalities in our day-to-day life. And it isn’t compulsory that we should like them and they should like us despite any other reasons. It always depends on person way of thinking and taking one’s behaviour and character accordingly in a way where they can understand others. This way of understanding can be in a positive or negative way also. Am I Ugly is a question which will rise in one’s mind at some point or the other for what so ever the reason is.

am I Ugly

There are people with this kind of phobia which makes them feel scared about their own looks and their own personality. The phobia is called as cacophobe. This means that people with this phobia will be scared of being ugly and fear of ugly things. The question which always torments them will be am I Ugly. This can occur because they might have experienced something strongly which might affect them in their life. And this phobia will surely result in more inferiority complexes and also this will make them feel less wherever they go and whoever they meet. These kinds of people are everywhere and so everyone might have met such a person at least once in their life. People with this phobia can be cured by giving them more affection and making them feel they are beautiful too.

Problems faced by people who suffer from cacophobe:-

  • The people who suffer from this phobia will always rate others up on ten. If they reach count more than six then they will be ok but if they are too ugly then these people will surely feel sick and can’t last longer standing or sitting beside them even for five minutes.
  • They will face problems especially in crowd areas like supermarket or train journeys etc.
  • These people intend to give advice to others directly or indirectly. For example:- if a person is sitting beside them and in case he is smelling bad then they might ask them to use their perfume or something which will make them smell good. This will surely make the other person feel bad about their appearance.
  • These people cannot have a girlfriend too and the reason is if the girls aren’t looking very good or present and clean they can’t spend much of time with them and so for sure they will feel worse if they see their legs not waxed.

There are many more problems which people with the cacaphobe phobia face.

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