Providing Customer Order Information for Imports and Export

Posted by admin on November 28, 2016

Import and export business is mainly based on the customers need and requirements. It is necessary to maintain the customer relationship without any interruption for a long term ongoing business. Extensions are available on magento order export and import for the benefit of the companies in the transferring of companies from one shop or one website to another. This extension helps to avoid the loss of customer data from the companies for uninterrupted business. It helps the business of import and import with minimal efforts without spending much time on the business for maintaining the business with the customer. This extension is available in the Peexl store with various specific features in various prices for the customers.

Features of Magento Extenstion

You can import or export any types of orders which may be available with simple or simple with customs and with many other options. It is applicable for the import orders with any type of payment methods. It helps the customers providing information about the changes in the billing and shipping, email address and the payment methods. It is available for the registered customers as well as the guest buyers. The main features of this extension are possibilities to generate order invoice, generate order shipment, export only selected orders, creating export and import comments, and also download exported files. You can do import and export business with very good customer contact by this extension in change of your website or shop without losing your customers. It is easy to purchase from the Pexel website form the choice of extensions available with various purposes to maintain export and import business.


Usage of Extension

You can manage any technical problems of your expert and import business of your main shop by the use of the features of magento extension. You can process all of your customer orders of import and export with your business center from your multiple numbers of shops at single step of processing. Rebranding is a process to improve any kind of business and it requires additional processing steps of maintaining the existing customers. This magento extension helps to maintain the customers in the process of rebranding without losing the customers. It is possible to easy registration within this Pexel website and you can get the specific extension needed for your exporting and importing business. You can visit the store on online to get the details regarding the benefits of magento extension

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