Techniques or ways to Stop Spam Emails

Posted by admin on January 24, 2015

A Spam email is definitely a point of concern for people who majorly use their email address from professional reasons. This is where finding the best solutions to fight spam emails become even more essential.The problem of spam Emails is a gigantic issue to deal with but there are numerous ways to tackle it. Depending on the type of the organization and the work that is carried out, the technique can be decided. Email Filtering can ideally be categorized on the basis of the following classification:

List based Filters: List based filters are set up on the basis of senders of emails.

Following are the examples of the list based filters:

spam-filteringReal time black-hole List Filters: This filter copies the IP address of the sender and stores in the data base. Since it is updated regularly, this reduces a lot of maintenance work.

Backlist Filters: This is the most commonly used filter, in which a pre set of list of senders are mentioned and any mails from such senders are blocked.

Whitelist Filters: this form of filters is exactly the opposite of blacklist filters. Instead of blocking the list, in this form there is preset list from whom the mails are allowed.

Greylist Filters: a fairly new form of filters is a greylist filter. Usually when a sender is a first time spammer, then the mail is blocked as the sender is not listed. But if the spammer send the mail again, server treats as a recognized sender, and hence mail reaches the inbox of the recipient.

Content based Filters: content based filters are based on special characters or words that are found in the subject line or the content of the email. Some examples of content based filters are:

Word based filters: this is the most common form of filters, which blocks mails based on the words in the content of emails.

Rule based filters: in this form of filters, not just the words are looked up but there are points allotted to such words and if the total score of the mail reaches certain points then such mails are automatically blocked by rule based filter method.

Probability based Filters: based on the laws of mathematics and is the most advanced form of filters.While all of these filters are in place, one can also use the Spam filtering process in order to get rid of the spam emails in a jiffy.

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