The Process Of Making Personal Injury Claims

Posted by admin on September 5, 2015

If a person meets with an accident they would be able to make claims from the person or company responsible for the incident or from insurance companies where the person is insured. Help to get compensation is taken from solicitors who are trained in the field. The initial process that is involved in making the claim is to send a letter to the person or company responsible in causing the event. The details of the injury and required medical records and bills need to be attached for the other party to verify records. The defendant would give reply to the claim within a stipulated time. The defendants can either accept the claim or reject it by stating their reasons. If they accept the claim an out of court settlement can be derived based on the requirement of the client. The claimant would decide the value of the claim along with the solicitor based on various factors. The claimant can make an offer to settle the claim after discussing with the lawyer. At times the defendant might give an offer to the claimant and this can be either accepted or rejected by the applicant.


The lawyer would advise legal action if the settlement couldn’t be made out of court. The paperwork of the legal activities would be prepared by the lawyers in order to provide the claimant with their der=serving compensation. Providing the lawyer with all required documents would be the duty of the claimant to make the process easier. A Personal Injury Lawyer would be happy to help their client to get their claims. The claimant would be provided with a detailed summary of the expenses that would occur during the process and the formalities that need to be followed. An agreement is made in between the solicitor and the client to ensure adherence to the conditions made. The charges of the case would depend on the type of case and amount claimed.

Getting The Judiciary System Involved To Get Compensated

If the defendant rejects the proposal or the claimant needs more money as compensation the case would be referred to the court. The date of the hearing would be conveyed to both the defendant and the claimant on which day both of them would require being present in the court. The lawyers would be prepared with their debate supporting each of their clients. The final decision is made by the judge based on the proceedings either in favor of the claimant or the defendant.

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